Aung San Suu Kyi and Obama :Two of God’s creatures are awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

Aung San Suu Kyi

Read and know the way of her life, I feel awe and praise her. But after she got awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and it turns out she’s speaking in public looking for “safe”, and does not recognize the Rohingya! I feel she is a coward!! was she deserved got the award?? why she saw it in religion? why did she not see that they were created by the same God? terribly unfair for Muslims there!!

And Obama, the other figure again, who was awarded the Nobel peace. Did he deserve got the award?? as Israel-Hamas on war .. he did not do anything, he just said to support Israel! what is it also appropriate for people who get the Nobel Peace Prize?? he was just making a statement not an act for making Peace. Once again … is it fair for Muslims??

For Muslims all over the world …. please help our brothers and sisters to get their Freedom and Justice. For Peace, don’t see religion or ethnicity, but look at them because we are all God’s creatures!!!


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