Jacksonville : Police Resigned after he admitted that he voluntarily ready to be Killer

A police officer in Jacksonville, Florida, resigned after he admitted that he never told his fellow cops that he voluntarily ready to be a killer U.S. President Barack Obama.

As reported by the Associated Press, Thursday (22/11/2012), police known as Sam Koivisto the Florida Times-Union on Wednesday confirmed that the remarks had been exaggerated and he intends to resign. Sam himself was due to retire in the next five months.

57-year-old Sam, who is now facing an internal investigation for comments to other police colleagues after the U.S. presidential election on 6 November.

He said, if there is a demand to kill Obama, he “would not hesitate to volunteer.” These comments came after Obama won the election defeat Mitt Romney in the race for the Republican Party to the White House seats for a four-year term.

When Sam was questioned by officers from the Jacksonville Sheriff integrity unit, a senior police officer also confirmed that he did not care if there was a nuclear explosion that kills everyone in the northeastern United States because they are all Obama supporters.

However, the investigation team, Sam insists that his comments are not only a hyperbole and not a genuine threat. But as a police officer, state officials, Sam mistakenly also commented ready to kill Obama.


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