Iran has a great responsibility in the various conflicts in the Middle East

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, Wednesday (21/11/2012), said Iran has a great responsibility in the various conflicts in the Middle East, in particular the current conflict in Gaza.

“There is a long-range weapon that can hit a target as far as 75 km and it was Iranian-made weapons. Iranians have a great responsibility,” said Fabius.

“In every conflict in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Gaza, Iran always in a negative context,” he continued.

“The Iranian government orientation is very dangerous for world peace,” added Fabius.

So far, various diplomatic efforts to end the conflict in Gaza. However, efforts to stop the Israeli attacks and Hamas rocket attacks is far from the truth.

On Tuesday (20/11/2012), Iran says Israel is the party most responsible for the conflict in Gaza and should be tried for war crimes. Iran has also proposed that the people of Gaza is armed to defend itself.

Iran’s statement comes after Israeli President Shimon Peres said Tehran is pushing Palestinians to continue rocket attacks on Israel rather than trying to find a peaceful solution.

“The most unpleasant is Iran. They tried to push Hamas to continue to fire rockets. Iranians even tried to send arms,” Peres said at the time told CNN.


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